Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's So Hard...

To say goodbye, to yesterday. 

(Your mind was total pervert mode when you read that title.)

The we hit you upside your pervy mind with some hot Boys II Men lyrics. 

But anyways, today is your last chance to take a ride across the Memorial Park bridge. 

That rickety beast is about to be replaced, and likely won't make it till sundown tomorrow. 

It's a sad day for many of us. 

The sound of that bridge likely reminds you of many great childhood memories. 

If not, you have no soul. 

Or maybe you just played at another one of the city's parks. 

Either way... 

Have a quick moment of silence. 
Pour out a slug of your 40oz. 
Drop a tear in a bucket. 

And say goodbye to the bridge. 

It has served us all very well. 


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