Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time To Smash The Donuts

We got word yesterday morning, that a vehicle
smashed through the front of the Donut Connection
on Tarentum Bridge Rd.

We like to check out such breaking stories, so we took a detour
on our way to get Glen's Custard to snap a pic or two.

And it turns out, someone did crash into it.

We aren't sure as to what exactly happened, or even
what type of vehicle did this damage.

But here's a picture:

And here are some of our theories:

- Car chase past Wendy's gone awry.
- They were having a free cup o coffee Monday, and the seniors
got their DeVilles up over 35 for once.
- Someone thought the drive-thru was on this side.
- Donuts be drivin' suckas crazy.
- A couple was having a little AM love session on the backseat of the
family Tahoe, and kicked the gear shift into reverse.

Donuts make people horny, so we are going to put our
money on the last one.

Well, whatever the case may be, we hope that all involved
are okay and uninjured.

Let us know if you got some scoop.

We took another shot that has some sweet signage in it.

C-Daze are coming soon!


Unknown said...

I would hope is wasn't some of New Ken's Finest in a scramble to get the first fresh ones hot out of the grease fryer!! But if you see one of 'em looking a bit sheepish (and he's wiping powdered sugar off his face), you might be onto the smokin' gun...er, donut!!

Can't wait for C-Daze!! I would hope there'll be opportunities for you to shed your pervasive anonymity. Heck, I'll buy a t-shirt off ya, but it's gotta be face2face!!

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