Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Craigslist Hump Day

Happy hump day, Newkers.

We have decided to try something new today.

Have you heard of craigslist?

(If not, and you are reading our crappy little site, not
only is that sad... it's totally friggin' awesome!)

Up yours, Craig!

Moving on.

We were browsing craigslist, and thought about searching
for "New Ken."

There were many items and stuff, for sale
or swap.

But one in particular stuck out to us for one
reason or another.

Here it is...

Coffee Maker - $5 (New Ken/ Arnold)

(As always, click picture for a bigger view.)
We aren't really sure what the story is here.

Maybe they are selling many different little things for
a few bucks each?

If not, and they are just selling this one coffee maker,
we hope you will help these folks out, and buy this thing,
cause they must need that 5 duckets pretty bad.

If you need the number, do your own craigslist search, or
try and dial different combos of the last 2 blacked out

We can hear those calls now...

"Uh, hello? Yes. Are you selling a coffee maker for $5?"

Random Person:
"Uh, what the F are you talking about? Go to Starbucks
if you need a coffee, and leave me alone. And who the hell
is Craig?!? I'm calling the cops. "


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