Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Do The Right Thing


The Tarentum bridge has totally consumed our lives. 

Each day, as we come home from work, we try to determine the best plan for getting back into our homeland. 

And we are never correct. 

Seriously, we'd have better luck playing the Big 4.

And now that exit 14 is closed, we are seriously considering buying a pontoon boat.

And we wouldn't just get some plain Jane pontoon.

It would be all baller'd out, with emerald green astroturf, and a wicked slide off the starboard side.

Or maybe.

Just maybe...

We can all follow PennDOT's detour, and take exit 15, turn around, and exit off of 14 South.

That way, traffic won't be backed up on exit 13, all the way to the friggin' mills exit.

Or maybe we will just stay at work until 8pm?

It's not like we have a life or anything. 


Phillips Family said...

One has to wonder what they are thinking when they close everything all at once. Might be easier to go to Murrysville and come back 286.

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