Wednesday, August 8, 2012

They Be Foamin

Sure, yesterday's post was very similar to a recent post by us. 

We may have even fooled some people by posting the same pictures and subject matter. 

Well, maybe didn't fool some people. 

Just one. 

Frank the Stank 

Here is what he had to say... 

Yo. i think you made a misteak yesterday and posted the same thing from the other day. well. its a little different because you was talkin about a roof n stuff. i know yall put that picture of forest gump up there. but you was syaing that the racoons had rabies. and they be foamin from they mouths. are these the ones around here. maybe im confused. i aint been sleeping real good these last few days. i think my bed is jacked up cause my back be hurtin. all i know is if i see one of em. i am jumping on my bike and gettin outta there. 

Frank the stank

We hope that your sleep issues get solved very soon, Frank. 

A lack of sleep is a terrible thing. 

So are rabid raccoons. 

Be careful out there, pal. 


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