Thursday, July 8, 2010


Yeah, sometimes it happens to the best of us.

But is that any reason to give up?

Hell no.

We don't care if we have absolutely nothing to say.

We will still take the time to type out a whole post,
dedicated to having nothing to say about that
exact subject.

We will then post a link on our facebook page about it,
and have you take time from your important day, to
click on that link, and realize we just wasted a few minutes
of your life, that could have been productive.

Will we feel remorse for these actions?


Why not?

Because secretly, we are terrible people.

We have been setting you up for this moment, for the
last 17 or so months that we've been at this.

It's all been a huge ruse.

Are you being serious?

No, not really.

Editor's Note:

I have decided to take over this post, and end it before
we bore you any further. I apologize for this inconvenience,
and hope today's actions don't deter you from reading
our little website. Any concerns should be voiced via email

Have a wonderful rest of your day.


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