Monday, June 11, 2018

Goodbye, Old Friend.

Sadly, it has taken something so life changing, so insane, so disappointing, to get us to post again.

Maybe you haven't ridden by the corner of Seventh St and Freeport Rd lately, and if that's the case, this news may be quite shocking for you. So please brace yourselves.

The wall is coming down.

No, not that wall.

We are talking about THE wall that is known throughout the NewKdom. Yep, the Biff wall.

Work has begun on bringing it down, brick, by beautiful Pepto-bismol colored brick.

This is usually the part of the post where we find out why it's coming down, and give you all the details. Unfortunately for you, we don't give a damn what's gonna happen in this space.

We only feel bitterness for not being a part of this wall's history, by never replacing the historic words of "I 💓 Biff" upon it when it got painted over.

This, is our only regret.

May we all make it our life's mission to pass along what we've learned to those we love. The young generation. The innocent minds of tomorrow's youth.

It is our duty.

And props to you, TJH. The final artist of many.

We aren't sure when the whole put your initials under it started, but it worked out in your case.