Monday, December 31, 2012


2012 was a good year for us. Especially the end of the year, which we basically took off. We promises to make a triumphant return in 2013, with many surprises and new features.

Be safe out there tonight. Because nobody wants to spend the new year dead.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Random Picture Monday (12-24-12)

The New Ken Christmas Cuke (action shot).

Monday, December 17, 2012

Random Picture Monday (12-17-12)

The park in the fall is quite nice.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Random Picture Monday (12-10-12)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Save us the neck, please. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trash Update

We are your site for all garbage news... 

Garbage pickup for Friday, November 23, 2012 will be ONE DAY LATE due to the Thanksgiving Day Holiday.  

Garbage will be picked up on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2012 for this week only.  

Also note that RECYCLING is cancelled for those with THURSDAY & FRIDAY pick-ups for this week only.

Gobble Gobble.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Local Author To Donate To Animal Shelter

Hello my favorite bloggers.  I've decided to start my dream path regarding my children's book & those (books) to follow.  I'm pushing (not sure why I didn't start this in September, but) to donate $500 - $1000 dollars through book sales from Food Left For Ginny to a local animal shelter.  That shelter will be (1st) Animal Friends in Pittsburgh.  I'm hoping you can help me by getting the word out to your followers to purchase the book.  Here's the bottom line: I'm not making a lot of money on my books because it's my first.  I make $1.88 per book & with every sale I'll give the shelter one dollar.  I believe this can be accomplished 1st through word of mouth, 2 through faith, and 3 that it's a great cause.  The local animal shelters would love to have this money.  A typical spay or neuter costs $45-$200!  I would love to give this shelter this gift.  I believe their passion is noted through the fact that they're a no kill shelter.  I have a passion for dogs and it began at a young age & now continues through the fact that Guiness (Ginny in the book) was such a loyal dog to our son & now this is how I can repay him.

Any help you can give me/us is more than appreciated.

Feel free to call me 724-980-5087 & use the links below to see where the book can be ordered.

Thanks so much in advance,

KonciouSLea Written

Monday, November 19, 2012

Random Picture Monday (11-20-12)

The Star.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans Day Monday (11-12-12)

Thank you, Veterans.

We couldn't do for one day, what you do for your lifetime.


photo by 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Newk The Vote

Get out there and let your voice be heard. 

Or don't.

Because if you don't vote, our vote becomes that much more powerful.

And we love having power.

Random Picture Monday (11-05-12)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Change Of Plans

First off, Happy Halloween. 

We love this holiday. 

Men cover their faces, and women wear less clothing. 

Throw a turkey in the mix, and we might not be able to stand it. 

But here is the real reason why we are posting today... 

Due to the recent weather issues, the city has decided to postpone tonight's Halloween trick-or-treating until this Saturday (5:30 - 8pm). 

We like this decision. 

No, not because it makes sense to keep the children safe. 
(Which it does) 

Because it gives us an extra few days to perfect our costumes. 

Get it? 

We're ghosts, because we haven't been seen much lately. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Random Picture Monday (10-29-12)

Don't worry, we didn't go and get all religious over the weekend.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Random Picture Monday (10-22-12)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Site Design

No, our site didn't get a facelift. 

The city's site has been updated. 

And it's pretty sharp.

Go ahead, take a moment and check it out. 

Not only is it fresh, you can download all types of important documents and whatnot. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Random Picture Monday (10-15-12)

Thursday, October 11, 2012


We like days with neat dates. 

June 9th, is our favorite. 

Sadly, nothing special is going on around here other than the Steeler game tonight. 

And you can stop emailing us, telling us how little we have been posting lately. 

See, we are injured. 

Kinda like Polamalu, yet much more serious. 

It's our index finger. 

Wicked hangnail. 

We would like to thank you for the support and cards and flowers you will send us.

We have some hard days ahead. 

But we are very strong of heart.   

Monday, October 8, 2012

Random Picture Monday (10-07-12)

Sign Shop

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Debate Pregaming

Tonight is the first big showdown between President Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney. 

We plan on tailgating all day at our local polling stations. 

We would like you to do us one favor...

Please do not comment with your opinion. 

We are more than able to make up our mind, without knowing what you think. 

Thanks, and enjoy the show. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

20 Something

It's official. 

The Buccos crapped the bed for the 20th year in a row. 

That's gotta be some sort of record. 

Wait, what? 

It is a record? 

The longest consecutive losing steak in pro sports history? 

Yeah, that sounds about right. 

Ya know, when they were 16 games over .500, we felt as though the last 20 years of undying support was about to pay off. 

Hell, we even had our grubby mitts on some playoff tickets. 

The weather was hot, and so were our Pirates. 

And then came August... 

Now here we are. 

 October 2nd, and we are once again the laughing stock of the MLB. 

Good news is, Mr. Nutting likely banked a few million, so the bungalows at Seven Springs may get an extra coat of Pledge or something? 


When will hockey start? 


Monday, October 1, 2012

Random Picture Monday (10-01-12)

Like a sharp dressed man...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Come And Get It

Two of our favorite things are food and emails. 

Yesterday, we got both in one! 


Here is a picture. 

If it doesn't explain everything, we promise to give a brief overview in a bit. 

Click on it, to make it bigger. 

(That's what he said.) 

So yeah. 

There is a spaghetti dinner this Saturday, from 1pm to 8pm. 

It's just 7 bucks a person, and there will be cool stuff to do, other than just eat delicious vittles. 

Please stop by. 

Events like this help our volunteer firepeople raise funds. 

So go eat. 

But not too much.  

These people aren't made of sausages and meatballs. 

(That's what she said.)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Should we allow you to try and figure out what the FF in today's title stands for, for a few more minutes? 

It could be... 

Fancy Feast 
Funky Foot 
Fat Face 
Four Fingers 
Foo Fighters 
Fart Flame 

but it's none of those

It stands for Fall Festival. 

The yearly festival is this Saturday, staring at 10am. 

As usual, there will be a bunch of good music. 

4 bands are set to rock your face off. 

There will also be tons of fun for the family. 

Including a play zone, entertainers and a pumpkin patch. 

They will also be doing the team bed races. 

This event gets pretty nuts. 

Teams of 5 people, decorate and modify a bed on wheels, then attempts to score the fastest time in the trials. 

If you would like to signs up a team, you can do it that day for $25. 

Not a bad price for some high-level competition. 

Find more deets here... 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Random Picture Monday (09-24-12)

Friday, September 21, 2012


Last band for vacation week, is Concert For Anna hosts, Creep. 

It's okay if you turn this up.

Thanks to the bands, and fans of the bands for suggesting them to be featured. 

We hope you enjoyed this week. 

We did. 

Support local music. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

All My Monsters

While we are vacationing, we thought we'd treat you to some great local music. 

Today is All My Monsters... 


Nothing wrong with a little rock in your life.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Young Roach

While we are vacationing, we thought we'd treat you to some great local music. 

Today is Young Roach...


Young Roach is taking the local rap game to a new level. 

More from him in the future. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jimbo and the Soupbones

While we are vacationing, we thought we'd treat you to some great local music. 

Today is Jimbo and the Soupbones...

We are big fans of Jimbo and the Soupbones. 

Watch for them locally, and go see them.  They get the eff down. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Random Picture Monday (09-17-12)

See you in a week. 

(Yep, it's vacation week for us here at theNewk.  Check back daily, as we will spotlight the awesome local music scene!) 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Local Music

We will be taking our annual vacation next week (teaching English to wealthy princes in Dubai).

Yeah, we are totally into charity.

What does this have to do with local music, you ask...

We want to promote some of the local music scene.

So if you or your band has some (family safe) stuff on the YouTube, give us a shout. 

Each day will feature a new local act.

We know...

It's an awesome idea.

Don't act all surprised about it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Monumental Week?

Back in March, we told you about a group that was trying to have the ten commandments monument outside of Valley High removed. 

Refresh your memory HERE, and HERE

Well, they are back at it. 

At the end of August, they again requested the monument be removed. 

And this time they have the backing of some local parents. 

We aren't sure if the board will plan on fighting this to the end. 

As it could end up costing lots of money. 

If they end up losing this battle, they will owe their legal fees, and could likely owe the plaintiff's fees as well. 

That's some serious scratch. 

The same group, Freedom From Religion Foundation, also requested that Connellsville High remove a similar monument. 

Conellsville officials covered theirs last week, and say they plan to remove it. 

Even though over 150 people showed up against their decision. 

And vandals have removed the covering a few times since. 

In the midst of the heated political season, we now have religious stuff. 

We can feel the heat from here. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Have Not Forgotten

Today we remember all of the fallen from 9/11. 

It is still one of the clearest days that we can remember. 


And we don't expect that to change any time soon. 

We normally can find humor in most things we post about. 

All we can come up with today, is an amazing local photo by our great friend and contributor, David Cooper. 

See more at

Monday, September 10, 2012

Random Picture Monday (09-10-12)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's About To Get Real

The residents of Virginia Drive are about to lose it. 

For months, they have been crying out for help with the people that speed through their street, as a short cut to get to Lower Burrell. 

Read our previous posts... 



And now, the fine people of that street are claiming that harassment is a new issue in this saga. 

People are blowing their horns, yelling obscenities and throwing trash. 

That ain't cool. 

So at the most recent meeting with the mayor, the Virginia Drivinites let their voice be heard again. 

Claiming the city has put them on the proverbial back-burner. 

Mayor Guzzo assured them that the study was nearly complete. 

We plan on keeping our eye out around there. 

Standing guard, Hell's Angels-Style... 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

You Know The Drill


Do we have to actually say the words when we post a picture from the classic movie Men At Work? 

I mean, every time there is a holiday, the chances of garbage pickup being postponed a day, is near 100%. 

So here it is...

Your holiday-week reminder NOT to put your trash out until Friday night/Saturday morning.

We appreciate you not stinking up our block, for an extra 24 hours. 

theNewk HOME

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Random Picture Tuesday (09-04-12)

NKFD Fries at the Northmoreland Labor Day shindig.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Do Stuff

This upcoming Labor Day weekend is full of things to do to get you off of that butt of yours. 

The first one is the Labor United Celebration at Northmoreland Park. 

When: 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Sunday and Monday

Admission: Free; free parking; $3 for all-day carnival rides

Where: Northmoreland Park, off Route 356, Allegheny Township

The Down-Low: They always have tons of food, a huge flea market, games, rides and music. 

theNewk Tip:  Make sure the trolly doesn't run you down in the parking section. 

Must Do:  Fries, from the NKFD. 

The next event is a bit more rockin. 

It's called A Concert For Anna. 

When: 8 p.m., doors open Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Admission: $8 each night

Where: Praha, 400 Corbet St., Tarentum 

The Down-Low:  A concert featuring great local bands for great local causes.  This year, is benefits a local family with a 3 year old son that has been diagnosed with autism.  A subject very close to our hearts.

theNewk Tip:  Get there early to get a good spot.  These concerts always pack em in.

Must See: We have a few friends playing over the weekend.  They are... 

All My Monsters (9:30pm) 
Jimbo and the Soupbones (11:00pm) 

Disgust in Disguise (8:30pm) 
and host band - Creep, closing the concert at 12:30am. 

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend. 

theNewk HomePage 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Do The Right Thing


The Tarentum bridge has totally consumed our lives. 

Each day, as we come home from work, we try to determine the best plan for getting back into our homeland. 

And we are never correct. 

Seriously, we'd have better luck playing the Big 4.

And now that exit 14 is closed, we are seriously considering buying a pontoon boat.

And we wouldn't just get some plain Jane pontoon.

It would be all baller'd out, with emerald green astroturf, and a wicked slide off the starboard side.

Or maybe.

Just maybe...

We can all follow PennDOT's detour, and take exit 15, turn around, and exit off of 14 South.

That way, traffic won't be backed up on exit 13, all the way to the friggin' mills exit.

Or maybe we will just stay at work until 8pm?

It's not like we have a life or anything. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ramp Stamp

Starting tomorrow, the Tarentum exit off of 28 will be closing for about a month. 

Yup, Exit 14 heading Northbound is gonna be closed for a month. 


You are going to have to go up to Exit 15, get back on 28 South, and get off at 14 that way. 

What a pain in the tookus. 

They claim that work on the off-ramp will go on "around the clock." 

But they've been saying all kinds of stuff that changes each day. 

First they said "the project will be done in November." 

That has since change to December. 

Work on the East Sixth Avenue ramp was promised to be done this week. 

Last we heard, it's gonna be another 2-3 weeks. 

Luckily for all of us, these people aren't doctors... 

"Yes, we'll have that ingrown fingernail all fixed up in just a couple minutes." 

8 hours later... 

"It looks like you're gonna have to learn how to starting doing everything with your left arm.  We ran into a few complications, and your right arm had to be amputated."

Monday, August 27, 2012

Random Picture Monday (08-27-12)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nary A Drip

We spread a rumor a few months ago about the possible sale of the New Kensington Water Authority. 

 The MAWC (Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County) showed interest in purchasing it. 

Some folks even said there was an actual offer made. 

The fact that no figures have ever been made public, means one of two things. 

The city wasn't thrilled with the offer. 
They are really good at keeping secrets. 

We fully believe that an offer was made. 

We really have no reason to believe this. 

We just do. 

Now, we aren't sure if it's even a good idea for the city to sell. 

That is way too much thinking for us on a Wednesday.

Hell, we aren't even sure if they're allowed to sell. 

As the city's lawyer claims there is a newer law that inhibits us from selling. 

While representation of the MAWC claims we could. 

Ugh, politics. 

theNewk HOME 


Monday, August 20, 2012

Random Picture Monday (08-20-12)

The view at the end of Hell Bridge.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Holiday Weekend

As you may have noticed, we haven't been posting much on Fridays.

So this is likely to be our last post of this week. 

Because this is a holiday weekend. 

Sure, it's not a holiday weekend that most people celebrate. 

Hell, most people don't even know about them. 

But that's why you have us. 

To fill you in on this stuff. 

So tomorrow, Friday the 17th, is Men's Grooming Day. 

We here at theNewk do our share of Man-scaping. 

But we take things to a whole other level when the 3rd Friday of August rolls around. 

And by no coincidence (in our opinion), Saturday the 18th is Birth Control Pills Day. 

Yeah, you read that right. 

The day after men take time to tighten things up in their nether regions, women celebrate the convenience of oral contraception. 

Maybe it really is just a coincidence? 

But we doubt it. 

Have a fun, and safe weekend. 

And always remember, kids... 

Birth control pills may prevent pregnancy, but condoms can save you a penicillin prescription. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Cones A Comin'

Is if you aren't already annoyed enough with construction at this point. 

We have some news about future projects coming to our area. 

And one in particular. 

The bypass bridge will be getting replaced. 

Yep, the Route 366 bridge over 56 was allocated about 4.7 million bucks.

We are not exactly sure when the work will start.

But it's slated to be finished no later than 2016. 


Yeah, neither are we. 



Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mystery Solved

We took a picture this past Saturday, as we drove past the Valley High track. 

We posted it yesterday for Random Picture Monday. 

Here it is... 

We had no idea what was going on down there. 

But it looked kinda fun. 

Turns out, it was a Relay For Life. 

They walked around the clock from Saturday until Sunday. 

They were attempting to raise just under a hundred thousand dollars. 

And we really hope they did. 

It is such a great cause. 

We would love a chance to be a part of this event next year. 

If anyone involved reads this, please send us an email


theNewk Home

Monday, August 13, 2012

Random Picture Monday (08-13-12)

We have no idea what was going on at the track this Saturday.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Study Hall

We fondly remember study hall in high school. 

It was in the cafeteria, and there was very little, if any studying to be found. 

We are not planning on using this entire post to walk down memory lane. 

The study we are referring to is the study planned for Virginia Dr. 

You know, the street that many Burrell residents use as a shortcut. 

We talked about this a while back. 

The update to this story is New Ken council members have agreed to conduct a study of traffic along this street before they make any further decision. 

Now, this ain't no regular study. 

It's a double secret study. 

The reason it's a secret, is because they don't want the results effected by a boycott of that street during the study time. 

Now, the residents on that street are angry about that. 

As they want something done soon. 

Very soon. 

Before someone gets hurt. 

Much like the recent crash and loss of life at Carl Ave. this past week. 

Our hearts and sympathies go out to the families involved in that. 

We will keep you updated on any developments as we get them. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

They Be Foamin

Sure, yesterday's post was very similar to a recent post by us. 

We may have even fooled some people by posting the same pictures and subject matter. 

Well, maybe didn't fool some people. 

Just one. 

Frank the Stank 

Here is what he had to say... 

Yo. i think you made a misteak yesterday and posted the same thing from the other day. well. its a little different because you was talkin about a roof n stuff. i know yall put that picture of forest gump up there. but you was syaing that the racoons had rabies. and they be foamin from they mouths. are these the ones around here. maybe im confused. i aint been sleeping real good these last few days. i think my bed is jacked up cause my back be hurtin. all i know is if i see one of em. i am jumping on my bike and gettin outta there. 

Frank the stank

We hope that your sleep issues get solved very soon, Frank. 

A lack of sleep is a terrible thing. 

So are rabid raccoons. 

Be careful out there, pal. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Oakmont Wins

We don't like to give the city of stupid brick roads (Oakmont) any type of props, but they have clearly beaten the Newk this time. 

 "Remember me?" 

So yeah, you may have heard that New Ken has been having some recent raccoon issues.

Seems an abandoned house has a family of of these pesky buggers living in the roof.

They are coming in and out at all times of the night, and day.

But there is no proof as of yet that they are rabid.

And this is were Oakmont takes the cake.

(get it... Oakmont... cake... Oakmont Bakery...  we are just too much) 

They win because they have the rabid raccoons.

Their raccoon had to be slayed.

Ours, for now, can just be swept off the porch with a broom...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Random Picture Monday (08-06-12)

Top-notch buzzcuts at Jimmy's.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Baby Got Sauce

Your baby ain't sweet like mine... 
(Check out G. Love and Special Sauce on youtube if you get bored later.) 

Speaking of sauce, today starts Festa Italiano at St. Pete's. 

And they got the bomb red sauce. 

They also have: 
and maybe even a card game? 

No matter what brings you out today through Saturday, you are sure to see some good folks, and eat some great vittles. 

This is one of the Newk events that shouldn't be missed. 

And it's free! 

Alla Salute! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dam Lucky

A 55 year old woman was walking near the Braeburn dam this past Monday, when she somehow took a fall to the bottom of the steep rock wall down near the powerful rapids. 

Many of you will know the slope we are talking about. 

We spent many a summer down there, fishing and doing teenage things. 

It's safe to say that we had many a close call while scaling that terrain. 

So when we heard of a woman falling down there, we were worried, but not really surprised. 

How the events transpired: 

A worker was taking a cruise by the river on the way to his next job. 

Translation: He was taking an unscheduled break. 

We aren't judging, as we may have done similar things in the past. 

He noticed a woman down near the water. 

He yelled down, asking if she was okay. 

She shook her head, so he sprang into action. 

He grabbed the first aid kit in his work vehicle, and flew down to attend to her until rescue crews could get there. 

The woman was in bad shape, with head injuries, bruises and likely a broken leg. 

The rescue crew got her out of there, and took her to a nearby hospital. 

We would like to give a shout out to the man who saw the woman. 

Well done, Mark Bellini. 

We'll for sure buy you a beer if we ever see you out.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Swings N' Stuff

One of our local elementary schools is on a mission. 

A mission of fun and entertainment. 

Greenwald Elementary is raising funds to install a new playground at the school. 

Actually, the PTA is doing this without the help of the district. 

Which is awesome. 


They are doing fund-raisers, and collecting donations. 

One of the largest donations to date is five-large from the Eagles. 

Huge props to them. 

We've been big fans of theirs ever since we rocked the blue w/red & white trim uniforms back in our little league days. 

Not only are they trying to put in playground equipment, they want to make sure a protective surface is underneath them. 

Which we wish we would have had back in the day. 

Falling face-first from the monkey bars into cinders is a terrible way to finish recess. 

If you would like to donate, send a check to 
Greenwald Elementary School 
110 Elmtree Rd. New Kensington, Pa. 15068 

Then let us know about it so we can tell everyone how awesome you are. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Random Picture Monday (07-30-12)

GPS respect.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Traffic Jags

We have been growing increasingly annoyed as of late with people and their driving. 

Our annoyance usually peaks during this time of year. 

Extreme temperatures and road construction are a powerful mix. 

Crossing the Tarentum bridge is terrible. 

But we all know that already. 

We are currently annoyed by the construction at the Stevenson Blvd and Seventh Street intersection. 

It is probably the second busiest intersection in the Newk. 

And the road cones only make it worse. 

And when people drive like jagoffs, our heads about explode. 

Have you noticed that when you are coming towards Valley High, from Eat N' Park, people try to jump a few cars ahead just after the light to the merge point? 

Even though there are huge orange signs leading up to it, letting everyone know that it will soon be single lane. 

And we know these people aren't coming through here for the first time ever, so don't give blame it on the fact that they might be ignorant out-of-towners. 

Here is what we are talking about... 

We were third in line in the lane which  people will be merging into while the light was red. 

You'll have to trust us, but there were at least 10-13 cars lined up behind us.

 As the light turns green, some jag flies up the left lane and squeezes in front of us honest folk in the proper lane, nearly causing an accident.

This happens every time we go through here. 

Ugh, bring on the winter. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Moment Of Silence


Godspeed, Mr. Hemsley.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Da Bears

Shoppers aren't the only ones trying to find a good deal at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall. 

It seems a few black bears also have their eye on some purchases.

Just the other day, a baby bear wondered into the Sears Grand store. 

After the initial shock of a bear in the store, workers corralled her between the main doors until the game commission could get there and tranquilize her. 

We've actually had that same thing happen to us at the Sears Grand store. 

They had a great sale on some Craftsman screwdrivers, but were sold out by the time we got there. 

We got a bit unruly, and the next thing we know, we got tranq'd in the neck. 

It was not our proudest moment. 

And we still don't own a decent set of drivers. 

Back to the story... 

Then, a night or so after Bear #1 got relocated, a much bigger bear was seen outside of the Olive Garden.

We hurried up and called our pops, as the old man loves the Olive Garden. 

He was safe and sound, thank goodness. 

If you are up at the mall, please be sure to keep an eye out. 

They will likely leave you alone if you see one, so don't panic. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Random Picture Monday (07-23-12)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eat, Shop, Eat

Shopping and eating are two of our absolute favorite hobbies. 

And when we get lots of stuff (food and goods), for not a lot of cash, we go from 6 to Midnight. 

So you know that our shorts are getting a little bit tighter, as one of the biggest weekends in the Newk is nearly upon us. 

Yep, it's Mount Vernon yardsale weekend! 

And you know when the MVYs come around, so does the all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast at the EKCC (right across from Martin Elementary). 

You can be sure, that we will load up on stacks of fluffy cakes, and link after link of juicy sausages before we make our way to wheel and deal on "The Hill." 

It doesn't even matter if we find any good deals up there, because we can always count on some top-notch vittles as we browse. 

We just aren't sure if we will get a dog from Frank's Franks first, or an original Char-Dog. 

But you know damn well we'll have at least one of each. 

As will many other shoppers. 

See, these two Newk weenie legends have been serving up casing-filled delights for many years now. 

And from what we understand, Frank's Franks may have been the first. 

Fact is, whoever came first is of no concern to us. 

What is a concern to us is the fact that they are both open for business this Saturday afternoon. 

Because once those EKCC pancakes start to wear off, we plan on having loads of wieners in our mouths. 


Maybe we should rethink that last sentence? 

Meh, we're comfortable with ourselves. 

Oh yeah, be sure to tell em "theNewk sent ya." 


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Be Careful In Oakmont

Not only do you risk incontinence due to the bumpiest road in 7 counties, there is a bigger reason to avoid the shady streets of Oakmont. 

And when we say shady, we aren't talking about the shadow cast by the majestic oaks that line the streets. 

So back to the danger. 

There are dangerous animals roaming the streets. 

No, not those little jackholes that you almost run over every 11 feet. 

We are talking bigger animals. 

Big and angry animals. 

Rabid animals. 

That's right, raccoons.

 Rabid raccoons. 

The kind mama used to chase off the porch with a broom. 


Hide yo kids, and hide yo wives. 

Rabid raccoons are currently roaming the streets of Oakmont Pa. 

Well, maybe they aren't. 

As they trapped and killed the one they found yesterday. 

But there could be more. 

Swift justice in the land of acorns.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Butter On Our Poptarts

You know how we do. 

We almost always post super important local information/news around here. 

But every now and again, certain subjects trump all things Newk. 

Today we talk about a trend that is quite popular around theNewk offices as of late. 

It is the act of buttering your toasted Poptart. 

You are likely saying to yourself... 

"Wait, what?!?"

Or the other popular response... 

"There isn't enough fat in there for you already?" 

Or maybe you are thinking what the older people usually say to us... 

"That is disgusting.  Go jump of a cliff, fat-body." 

But we think you shouldn't knock it until you try it. 

And we aren't telling you to smother it with mounds of butter. 

But you should put just enough to lightly coat the entire top surface of the Poptart. 

Especially the outside edges.

We prefer the frosted-top delights, although the plain top ones seem to be more butter friendly in the seedy world of  the underground snack modification crowd.

By no means are we trying to make you believe that this is a viable option for a healthy way to start your day. 

Fact is, it's likely one of the worst suggestions (health wise) that we have ever spoken of. 

We just want to open your eyes to something you may enjoy.