Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Da Bears

Shoppers aren't the only ones trying to find a good deal at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall. 

It seems a few black bears also have their eye on some purchases.

Just the other day, a baby bear wondered into the Sears Grand store. 

After the initial shock of a bear in the store, workers corralled her between the main doors until the game commission could get there and tranquilize her. 

We've actually had that same thing happen to us at the Sears Grand store. 

They had a great sale on some Craftsman screwdrivers, but were sold out by the time we got there. 

We got a bit unruly, and the next thing we know, we got tranq'd in the neck. 

It was not our proudest moment. 

And we still don't own a decent set of drivers. 

Back to the story... 

Then, a night or so after Bear #1 got relocated, a much bigger bear was seen outside of the Olive Garden.

We hurried up and called our pops, as the old man loves the Olive Garden. 

He was safe and sound, thank goodness. 

If you are up at the mall, please be sure to keep an eye out. 

They will likely leave you alone if you see one, so don't panic. 


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