Thursday, July 26, 2012

Traffic Jags

We have been growing increasingly annoyed as of late with people and their driving. 

Our annoyance usually peaks during this time of year. 

Extreme temperatures and road construction are a powerful mix. 

Crossing the Tarentum bridge is terrible. 

But we all know that already. 

We are currently annoyed by the construction at the Stevenson Blvd and Seventh Street intersection. 

It is probably the second busiest intersection in the Newk. 

And the road cones only make it worse. 

And when people drive like jagoffs, our heads about explode. 

Have you noticed that when you are coming towards Valley High, from Eat N' Park, people try to jump a few cars ahead just after the light to the merge point? 

Even though there are huge orange signs leading up to it, letting everyone know that it will soon be single lane. 

And we know these people aren't coming through here for the first time ever, so don't give blame it on the fact that they might be ignorant out-of-towners. 

Here is what we are talking about... 

We were third in line in the lane which  people will be merging into while the light was red. 

You'll have to trust us, but there were at least 10-13 cars lined up behind us.

 As the light turns green, some jag flies up the left lane and squeezes in front of us honest folk in the proper lane, nearly causing an accident.

This happens every time we go through here. 

Ugh, bring on the winter. 


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