Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eat, Shop, Eat

Shopping and eating are two of our absolute favorite hobbies. 

And when we get lots of stuff (food and goods), for not a lot of cash, we go from 6 to Midnight. 

So you know that our shorts are getting a little bit tighter, as one of the biggest weekends in the Newk is nearly upon us. 

Yep, it's Mount Vernon yardsale weekend! 

And you know when the MVYs come around, so does the all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast at the EKCC (right across from Martin Elementary). 

You can be sure, that we will load up on stacks of fluffy cakes, and link after link of juicy sausages before we make our way to wheel and deal on "The Hill." 

It doesn't even matter if we find any good deals up there, because we can always count on some top-notch vittles as we browse. 

We just aren't sure if we will get a dog from Frank's Franks first, or an original Char-Dog. 

But you know damn well we'll have at least one of each. 

As will many other shoppers. 

See, these two Newk weenie legends have been serving up casing-filled delights for many years now. 

And from what we understand, Frank's Franks may have been the first. 

Fact is, whoever came first is of no concern to us. 

What is a concern to us is the fact that they are both open for business this Saturday afternoon. 

Because once those EKCC pancakes start to wear off, we plan on having loads of wieners in our mouths. 


Maybe we should rethink that last sentence? 

Meh, we're comfortable with ourselves. 

Oh yeah, be sure to tell em "theNewk sent ya." 



gjj said...

would love to see pictures included with ypu posts. . love this site. . left the area in 1975. . lots of great memories

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