Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Name.

We here at theNewK have decided to stop calling Swine Flu
by the name Swine Flu.

We know many people that do things just like the piggies do.
So we have deemed that name offensive and unacceptable here.

We are not sure what we want to call it, so we are asking for your help.

Please leave a comment with your renaming idea.

Now be forewarned. If you decide to be silent in this process,
you must be fully willing to accept the choice that gets made for you.

Leaving a comment is easy, but you might have to take a whole 7 seconds
out of your busy life to sign up.

If that seems like too much for you to do, please send us an email
and we will name the flu after your lazy ass.



This just in...

Man survives jump from the Tarentum Bridge.

Some 24 year old guy raced across 4 lanes of traffic and jumped off
the side of the friggin' bridge.

He refused to be rescued from a boat, and climbed out down river
at the PJ Greco and Sons scrap yard.

He told police officers while being handcuffed...

"I'm into extreme things." and this gem, "I'm just cliff diving."

For some reason he had his passport in his pocket, and complained of ass
pain from hitting the water. He was returning from Giant Eagle.

Bridge details for those interested. (Click on picture below)

I wonder if he caught any Allegheny Whitefish?

Good grief.

Gee Willikers

So for some reason or another, we found ourselves in Vandergrift this afternoon.

It was right around lunchtime, and since there are no stripper clubs
with a free lunch buffets in that area (that we know about), we decided to
check out the local food spot G&G Restaurant.

As soon as we walked in the place, we noticed most of the booths were taken,
although there was plenty of room at the counter for the two of us.

But I have a fear of showing too much plumbers crack in public, so
we walked to the back section and found a proper booth which provided
excellent crack coverage.

The tables have little advertisements on them, you know, the kind that
trigger bouts of A.D.D. while you are having a conversation with someone.

Example: "Oh yeah, I was telling you about how much fun we all had this
past Friday night... ah, did you see here that this guy promises to sell your
house in 60 days or he'll pay you $500?"

You get the picture.

So our waitress comes over and takes our drink order, and returned promptly
with my unsweetened iced-tea. It was refreshing.

So far, so good.

I opted for a sandwich (Chicken w/swiss and bacon), even though I've
heard great things about their breakfasts.

I like to live dangerously.

After the bus boy scared half a squirt out of me by dropping some
dishes, our food soon followed.

(*insert sandwich picture here... see, I was too hungry to take a picture for
your viewing pleasure. Sue me.)

I took the first bite, and I swear I started to hear porno music. I'm talking
about the good porno music, the kind in the films from the 70's.


You remember those ones right? The ones where the guys wore
white socks while they were doin' work.

Well this sandwich had my taste buds getting down to some funky grooves. I
don't recall what my lunch partner had, but they didn't do much talking
once it was in front of them, so it must have been good.

G&G Restaurant now has theNewK stamp of approval.

Here are a couple more pics from our trip.

(Plumber's Crack Row)


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Local Boys Racing Things.

It was recently brought to our attention that a group of guys, whose
roots run very deep in local soil, will be hosting a cd release party
this coming Saturday night.

The name of the band is Race the Ghost.

Maybe you've heard of them?

We haven't.

Our ignorance is no reason to withhold information from the readers of this very site.
(That has never stopped us before, and probably never will.)

From the looks of things, it is their 4th indy release. Which tells me they must
be decent, because if they sucked, releasing 4 cds and throwing parties in
the Strip District would be a huge waste of time and money.

So if you don't have any plans this Saturday, get down to the Strip early,
grab a Pastrami w/cheese and egg from Primanti's, buy some store made
sausage at Wholey's, say hi to Chang at the Pad Thai food cart in the alley
for us, then head on over to the show.

I can't promise they are going to be good, but they are asking fans to dress up
like catholic school your Britney Spears "Hit Me Baby One More Time"
fantasy might come true.

So there you go. Or you don't.

Either way, we wish only good things for those guys.
(Especially the bearded one. He makes our motor rev.)

Show info can be found here.


The old smokestack that resided in Arnold, off of Drey Street,
was demolished a couple days ago.

According to the article written about the event, "local residents watched and talked."

In other news, the scenic views from the Arnold Pig Roast this year
will probably not be as spectacular as usual.

Looks like we'll be at the chuck-a-luck tables even longer this year.

C'mon sixes.

Swine Flu Update

Officials at Citizen's Urgent Care have not released any information
concerning any local cases of Swine Flu.

As far as we can tell, it's still safe to travel to your area
favorites, such as Six-n-Save to grab a 40oz of PBR.

*We will not be held responsible if you in fact catch a case of the Swine Flu, or
a case of the bubble guts from the PBR.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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Road Work.

Well, I guess it's starting to be that time of year again. Once the weather
breaks around here, the sightings of orange cones jump dramatically.

For the past few weeks, you may or may not have noticed the 25mph signs
and such around the Valley High School area. If you were like me, you might
have started thinking they may have fallen off the back of a PennDOT
truck, and the workers must have been too tired to pick them up.

I found out this afternoon they were put there for a reason.

To annoy us.

Too bad they didn't put any of those hackable road signs in the area.

Well, whatever.

Just so you know, when you are on Stevenson Blvd., there are obstacles
(other than the vehicles slowing down to stare at the semi-hot female
that is walking laps on the track) that you need to worry about.

Proceed with caution.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Beautiful Monday.

It's an absolutely beautiful day in the NewK. The sun is shining, a
little breeze is blowing, temps in the mid 80's...speaking of the mid
80's, those were the days you could buy everything you ever needed on
5th ave.

You could stop at Ben's for a Carhartt t-shirt, hit up
Jolar's for an old lamp, get a fresh haircut at the Pittsburgh Beauty
Academy, and grab a slice of pizza and a rice ball at Egidio's.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Welcome to theNEWK!

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We will have everything from restaurant reviews to local events and personalities.

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