Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Road Work.

Well, I guess it's starting to be that time of year again. Once the weather
breaks around here, the sightings of orange cones jump dramatically.

For the past few weeks, you may or may not have noticed the 25mph signs
and such around the Valley High School area. If you were like me, you might
have started thinking they may have fallen off the back of a PennDOT
truck, and the workers must have been too tired to pick them up.

I found out this afternoon they were put there for a reason.

To annoy us.

Too bad they didn't put any of those hackable road signs in the area.

Well, whatever.

Just so you know, when you are on Stevenson Blvd., there are obstacles
(other than the vehicles slowing down to stare at the semi-hot female
that is walking laps on the track) that you need to worry about.

Proceed with caution.


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