Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We're Moving On

It wasn't so long ago, that we went on a wing quest,
the likes have which have never been seen
in these parts.

We called it...


It was a celebration of just some of the local
winged hot spots.

Here are a couple photographic highlights...

So we are gonna do what we did to start Wingapalooza.

We want to know where your favorite pizza is served?

Make it semi-local.
Make it fun.
Make it delicious.

Post your suggestion here.
On the facebook page.
Or by email (thenewkblog@gmail.com)

We can't wait to get started on this mission.

Tell us now!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Picture Monday (08-30-10)

Maybe our finest phone camera shot ever.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Rainbow 2: Electric Boogaloo

David Cooper and I love wings.

That is not news.

We also like beer.


We ate wings.
We drank beer.
I drank too many and couldn't write anything.
He is responsible.
He wrote this.
He took the pictures.
He is a beast.
His website is...
The Rainbow 2: Electric Boogaloo

It should come as no surprise that The Newk’s crew are a hungry bunch. An army marches on it’s stomachs; we goof off in much the same way. As the writing staff decided to spend the evening playing championship trivia games and making deck hockey plans, it fell upon me, the staff photographer, to write tonight’s piece about our return to The Rainbow in Freeport. Someone has to work around here.

Yes, we’ve reviewed The Rainbow before. So what?

No, we’re not biased. Well, we are a little. The owners are totally super awesome people and stuff. Shop locally, always.

Yes, The Rainbow still has fabulous wings.

No, it’s not a gay bar.

It’s here that I apologize in advance for my pictures. The word photography comes from the root Greek meaning “writing with light.” The problem is that The Rainbow is a dark, dark place. Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just that no light means no photos. Ronnie James Dio (god rest his tiny little soul) had this place in mind when he wrote his masterpiece Rainbow in the Dark. If the photos seem a bit sketchy, you can blame my laziness. I didn’t want to drag lights in and disturb the other patrons. Plus, I was really hungry. Do you know how hard it is to have a plate full of delicious food in front of you and not be allowed to eat it because some jerky photographer has to get pictures? It’s hard, I tell ya.

On to the task at hand. Simply put, The Rainbow has awesome wings. One day long ago a crack appeared in the sky and the hand of God descended, delivering the recipe to some of the most magically delicious wings you’ve ever tasted. You’ve been living an empty, meaningless life if your wing experiences consist only of manufactured corporate wings from Quaker Steak or some other chain restaurant. You deserve better than that. Really, you do. These wings are a perfect blend of salt and seasoning with just enough spice to make them out of this world. If you want some more heat, just get some of their signature hot sauce on the side. The Rainbow sauce is just as good, minus the heat.

In addition to the wings, we decided to order from the special list on the board by the door. Always, always try the special. They’re called ‘special’ for a reason, and we weren’t disappointed. A basket of mini tacos magically appeared, and magically disappeared just as quickly. These deep fried bites are little bits of pure joy and love and happiness. If I ate deep fried tacos every day I’d probably die a horrible, bloated, completely satisfied death, but there are rare times when deep fried mini tacos are not only right but necessary for survival.

On the side we got an order of Rainbow Nachos, an enormous platter of chips drowning in cheese and chicken. Another rule of thumb: If a place names a dish after itself, you know it has to be good. I had no idea what Rainbow Nachos were when I ordered them, but I said ‘yes’ without hesitation. They didn’t let us down.

A big thanks and a tip of the hat to Tina for such wonderful service, and also to the dudes from the tattoo parlor around the corner for playing a bunch of Misfits songs on the jukebox. Wings and Misfits are two great tastes that go great together.

Would you, Constant Reader, like to see more restaurant reviews? Do you own a restaurant? Send your recommendations to thenewkblog@gmail.com and remember that we are easily bribed with food. We don’t let journalistic ethics get in the way of a tasty meal.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yo Newk!

We love getting emails.

Especially from our good friend, Frank the Stank...

Yo Newk!

Whats up? You guys talkin about pee this morning was some of the
best stuff i read in a long time. At first i was like huh, but then i started
to agree with you all. I like peeing in the bushs. Thats good stuff. I
think we should start a petition like those people mad at gunnys. If we
get enough dudes to sign that $h*t we might be good to walk
around like some of the pit bulls on my street just wettin telephone
polls like we dont even care. Lets do this.

Your boy,
Frank the Stank

You have no idea how much we love seeing Frank's
name in our inbox.

Seriously, he's like a gift from Newk heaven.

Do you feel the same way?

If so, let him know.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gunny's Under Fire

The corner of McCandless and Kimball is a rather
well known spot in this area.


A place to meet friends.
A place to grab a drink.
A place to eat wings.
A place to eat other stuff.
A place to sing karaoke.
A place to be petitioned against.
A place to...

Wha wha what?!?

That's right, it seems a good many residents that live
near the popular watering hole, have waged a war
against Gunny's.

Saying the bar is unruly, noisy, has parking issues,
suspected drug activities, and even complaints
of public urination.

Valid issues in our eyes.

Although, we aren't so sure about the public urination.

We here at theNewk take a stance on very little.

We don't look for conflict, but, we are actually kinda
passive aggressive.

But hey, everyone has their faults.

Back to the peeing.

We really don't have an issue with it.

We believe taking a whiz outdoors, is a basic human right.

We understand it's against the law.

But so is smoking pot, even though nobody considers it
a valid crime.

We don't think it's right to just tinkle in the middle of Freeport Rd.

But a dark alley, or a random bush is cover enough for us.

Like this dandy of a shrubbery.

It's just begging for a good watering.

So anyways, we really don't have a stance on whether or
not Gunny's is to blame for the neighborhood problems.

But now you know where we stand (or squat) on peeing.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bikes, Bands and Mini Cars

This past Saturday and Sunday, Gatto's Cycle in Tarentum
put on their annual Block Party.

Us, being huge fans of the fine folks there, made sure to make
an appearance on Saturday afternoon.

The streets were lined with vendors, people, live music,
and of course... motorcycles.

It was a very chill crowd, where everyone was getting along,
and checking out each others rides.

The music was good, and this guy had a prime spot,
right in front of the speakers.

Rock on, bro.

Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of the booth that
sold "Spoon Art," but we did buy a sweet ass fork magnet,
that has eyes and stuff on it.

Maybe, if you're nice, we'll post a picture sometime soon.

And when we got to the end of the street, a particular ride caught
our attention.

As well as the attention of many others, as you will soon see.

Check this thing out...

It's like a one-seater version of the BatMobile or something.

But only way more wicked awesome.

We wanted nothing more than to jump behind the wheel of this
beast, and cruise along the Allegheny for a few hours.

Although, we would have been alone.

And we prefer good cruising company, to serenade, with various
selections from one of our many ipod playlists.

Call us someday.

We'll pick you up for a solid sing and ride session.

Now, before we go, we need to show you one more picture
of the 1-seater.

Lucky for you, it features a good bit of man-butt.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Random Picture Monday (08-23-10)

Sweet ass knapsack. Available at Walmart.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Do We Have Sick Days Left?

If so, we are taking one today.

For those of you that actually know us...

Don't fret, as we really aren't sick.

We just don't have anything to talk about.


There is one thing that got posted on our facebook page.

Valley Marching Band invites you to attend our 2nd Annual Preview Night at Valley High School Stadium on Friday, August 20, 2010 at 7 PM. Come see a preview of our 2010 Half-Time Show, meet the staff and students that will be making a huge impression on the football field this fall during half-time of the Valley Viking football games. The Band Boosters will also have a Bake Sale and 50/50 Raffle. We look forward to seeing you and appreciate your support.

That sounds fun.

We will see you tomorrow.

Cough. Sniff. Sniff. Cough.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Get On Your Hog

First off, get your mind out of the gutter.

We are talking about the block party this weekend,
that Gatto's is putting on in Tarentum.


Should be a totally rockin' time.

With a class enterprise like Gatto's behind it, how couldn't
it be?

Seriously though, it's this Saturday and Sunday.

They will have...

Food Vendors
Saturday Bike Show
Saturday Swap Meet
Bands (both days)
Family Entertainment

We are big fans of the fine folks at Gatto's.

So if you find yourself looking for something
to do on either...

Saturday 11a-7p
Sunday 11a-4p

Head over the Tarentum Bridge, make the first
right turn, and have a good time.

We'll be there.

We were gonna sell cotton candy, but we are not to be trusted around heavy machinery.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

With Sympathies

We just wanted to take a moment and give our
sympathies to the friends and families of the
two local people that tragically died in a motorcycle

Jeffrey C. Canaan, 35
Katy E. McCorkendale, 23

God speed, to the both of them.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Picture Monday (08-16-10)

Does anyone else's mother call this place Delta Don's?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Song Stuck In Your Head Friday


Today, we are going to get a song stuck in your head.

It's a song about the JetBlue flight attendant
that quit his job or something.

We really don't care about him, or the actual details
of that story.

But this song kicks some serious A.

Prepare your ears...

Get Two Beers And Jump

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All Fired Up

Early yesterday morning, a fierce garage blaze
wreaked havoc on Third Ave. in Arnold.

It knocked out phone and cable lines.
It melted siding off a neighboring home.
It melted the bumper on a late model Ford Focus.

There were a few women that lived about where the blaze

Lucky for them, it was a cinder block structure, which
allowed them just enough time to be rescued.

It sounds like many people think the blaze is suspicious.

We don't have any thoughts on that.

As that would require us to actually use our brains.

Screw that.

Thankfully, nobody was injured.

Other than the Focus.




Random Thursday Thought:

We had a delicious meat pie yesterday.

Meet Our Friend (Debo the Clown)

This is a new feature we are doing around here.

Do you like it?

If not, go read some lame Leechburg website or something.


This week, we want to introduce you to one of
our better area friends.

This guy does it all.

As you will soon see.

The one thing he does best, is make people smile.

And that's what this town needs.

Ladies and Germs, may we present to you,
Debo the Clown!
(The coolest clown around.)

He can be seen all over this area.

He does
Birthday parties School functions
Community events Wedding receptions
Corporate functions Anniversary parties
Company picnics Parades
Holiday parties Family reunions
Grand openings Restaurant promos

He is available for bookings at

Debo Website
Debo on Facebook
Debo on Myspace
Twitter Debo Style

Here he is with our friend, the North Pole's Biggest Elf...

What are you waiting for?

Call him now!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Newk Choice Awards

Every year, we here at theNewk all come together, and
view the single greatest television spectacle
of the year.

The Super Bowl?

Nah, although we do love commercials.

The Oscars?

Nope, not enough foreign films or technical awards for us.

The Steelers first preseason game?

Negative, although the sounds and wisdoms of the greatest
sports broadcast team of Bob Pompeani and Edmund
Nelson, will never get old.


So if it's none of those, what could it be?

We are glad you asked...

Last night was the Teen Choice Awards, and OMG!, it
was amazing.

Like amazingly amazing.

So amazing.

We had an amazing time as usual, and here are some
of our notes.

- People use the term "amazing" way to much.
- Taylor Swift is super fake.
- We can't figure out why Jason Derulo has to sing
"Jason Derulo" at the beginning of each song he sings.
- Robert Pattinson is dorky and ugly.
- Justin Bieber may be the most annoying human on the planet.
- Ken Jeong is hilarious.
- Katy Perry is wacky and annoying, but is so hot that
we don't really care.
- Megan Fox has thumbs that look like big toes.
(We apologize for ruining her hotness for you.)
- All famous people think they are funny.
- The Betty White thing is getting old.
- Yvonne Strahovski might be the most beautiful woman alive.

There are many more, but our 5 Hour Energy/Vodka shooters
are starting to wear off.

What did you think of the awards?

(Today's post had absolutely nothing to do with
New Kensington. We apologize.)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Random Picture Monday (08-09-10)

Lighthouse Landing.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Peek Behind The Curtain

This conversation was heard Thursday at 3:07 pm

Squidy: "Hey Newk, what's going on, brother?"

theNewk: "Squidy Squid... what up, man?"

Squidy: "Are you all gonna be posting anything about the 29th Festa Italiana at Mt. St. Pete's this weekend?"

theNewk: "Oh, you know it. We love the Festa Italiana."

Squidy: "I know. I'm thinking of going down there tonight."

theNewk: "Thanks for letting me know, so I can get there before you buy up all the lasagna."

Squidy: "Yeah yeah. I only buy $23 worth of lasagna, so you should be good."

theNewk: "I, as well as the rest of the people going, appreciate your sacrifice."

Squidy: "No problem."

theNewk: "So, what else are you thinking about eating this year?"

Squidy: "You know how I get down. I like it all."

theNewk: "I hear that. So are you gonna play some games, or listen to some live music."

Squidy: "Of course. They have music every night starting at 7pm. And it's free to get in."

theNewk: "There really is a ton of stuff to do there, and the fact that it's free to go, is outstanding."

Squidy: "Can you believe that they even run free shuttles from the Valley parking lot?"

theNewk: "They really do have it all."

Squidy: "Even Chuck-a-luck?"

theNewk: "You know it, Squidy."

Squidy: "Which day will the Newk be going?"

theNewk: "We might just show up Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 5pm-10pm each day. That's how we roll."

Squidy: "Speaking of rolls, I'm like crazy hungry again."

theNewk: "I know you are, Squidy... I know you are."
This is our life.

Stop being jealous.

Don't forget about the Relay for Life at Memorial Park
this very weekend.

Thanks to all the volunteers.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meet Our Friend (Chelsea Bakes)

This is something new we are going to be
doing around here.

We know lots of people.

You may also know lots of people.

Either way, our friends, should be your friends
as well.

May we present to you...

Chelsea Bakes!

We first me Chelsea when she put on the Great American
Bake Sale a little while back.

We told you about it HERE.

Right away, we really dug her.

She makes awesome baked goods, and she helps
starving children...

Bravo, her.

So over these past couple months, we've stayed in touch
with Chelsea, and learned more about what she does.

And she does it all.

Oh my!

Take a look at a couple pictures:

Now that we've tantalized you a little, go ahead
and check out her links.

You'll be glad you did.

CS Baking on Facebook

Oh, and don't forget to order something.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So Yeah...

We kinda dropped the ball on National
Night Out.

Good thing we have good friends!

Thanks, Flea... for the following pictures.

You pwn.

Looks like a blast.

Sorry we missed it.

Eh, we'll be there next year...


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We Can See The Light

What light?

The light at the end of the Parnassus Triangle
construction tunnel.

Because from what we hear (read), all roadways will
be open for your driving pleasure, by, or after,
September 10th.

That's right.

2+ Years.
8.1 Million Dollars.
Countless Whippings of the Bird.

And you will finally be able to pass someone, while reading
about the latest "special" on Eat N' Park's marquee.

(We can't wait for the Merry Berry Month of May.)

But yeah.

They just poured the concrete on the new bridge over
Little Pucketa Creek, so they claim
the end is nigh.

This construction has been a huge annoyance for
the business and home owners in that area.

As home owners have to listen to constant road work,
and businesses lose money.

But the belief is, that this new stretch of top notch
concrete will revitalize the area, and make it more
attractable to new businesses.

We are all for that.

So here's what we'd like...

As soon as you notice a change down there, snap a picture
with your cell phone, and email it to us here at theNewk.


We will then post it, and you will be totally famous.

Isn't that what you've always wanted?

Take it from us, there is nothing greater than hometown

Okay, maybe there are greater things... whatev.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Random Picture Monday (08-02-10)

We can't help but think of boobs, when we see these.
(Yes, we're children.)