Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Newk Choice Awards

Every year, we here at theNewk all come together, and
view the single greatest television spectacle
of the year.

The Super Bowl?

Nah, although we do love commercials.

The Oscars?

Nope, not enough foreign films or technical awards for us.

The Steelers first preseason game?

Negative, although the sounds and wisdoms of the greatest
sports broadcast team of Bob Pompeani and Edmund
Nelson, will never get old.


So if it's none of those, what could it be?

We are glad you asked...

Last night was the Teen Choice Awards, and OMG!, it
was amazing.

Like amazingly amazing.

So amazing.

We had an amazing time as usual, and here are some
of our notes.

- People use the term "amazing" way to much.
- Taylor Swift is super fake.
- We can't figure out why Jason Derulo has to sing
"Jason Derulo" at the beginning of each song he sings.
- Robert Pattinson is dorky and ugly.
- Justin Bieber may be the most annoying human on the planet.
- Ken Jeong is hilarious.
- Katy Perry is wacky and annoying, but is so hot that
we don't really care.
- Megan Fox has thumbs that look like big toes.
(We apologize for ruining her hotness for you.)
- All famous people think they are funny.
- The Betty White thing is getting old.
- Yvonne Strahovski might be the most beautiful woman alive.

There are many more, but our 5 Hour Energy/Vodka shooters
are starting to wear off.

What did you think of the awards?

(Today's post had absolutely nothing to do with
New Kensington. We apologize.)


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