Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meet Our Friend (Chelsea Bakes)

This is something new we are going to be
doing around here.

We know lots of people.

You may also know lots of people.

Either way, our friends, should be your friends
as well.

May we present to you...

Chelsea Bakes!

We first me Chelsea when she put on the Great American
Bake Sale a little while back.

We told you about it HERE.

Right away, we really dug her.

She makes awesome baked goods, and she helps
starving children...

Bravo, her.

So over these past couple months, we've stayed in touch
with Chelsea, and learned more about what she does.

And she does it all.

Oh my!

Take a look at a couple pictures:

Now that we've tantalized you a little, go ahead
and check out her links.

You'll be glad you did.
CS Baking on Facebook

Oh, and don't forget to order something.


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