Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Meet Our Friend (Debo the Clown)

This is a new feature we are doing around here.

Do you like it?

If not, go read some lame Leechburg website or something.


This week, we want to introduce you to one of
our better area friends.

This guy does it all.

As you will soon see.

The one thing he does best, is make people smile.

And that's what this town needs.

Ladies and Germs, may we present to you,
Debo the Clown!
(The coolest clown around.)

He can be seen all over this area.

He does
Birthday parties School functions
Community events Wedding receptions
Corporate functions Anniversary parties
Company picnics Parades
Holiday parties Family reunions
Grand openings Restaurant promos

He is available for bookings at

Debo Website
Debo on Facebook
Debo on Myspace
Twitter Debo Style

Here he is with our friend, the North Pole's Biggest Elf...

What are you waiting for?

Call him now!


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