Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bikes, Bands and Mini Cars

This past Saturday and Sunday, Gatto's Cycle in Tarentum
put on their annual Block Party.

Us, being huge fans of the fine folks there, made sure to make
an appearance on Saturday afternoon.

The streets were lined with vendors, people, live music,
and of course... motorcycles.

It was a very chill crowd, where everyone was getting along,
and checking out each others rides.

The music was good, and this guy had a prime spot,
right in front of the speakers.

Rock on, bro.

Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of the booth that
sold "Spoon Art," but we did buy a sweet ass fork magnet,
that has eyes and stuff on it.

Maybe, if you're nice, we'll post a picture sometime soon.

And when we got to the end of the street, a particular ride caught
our attention.

As well as the attention of many others, as you will soon see.

Check this thing out...

It's like a one-seater version of the BatMobile or something.

But only way more wicked awesome.

We wanted nothing more than to jump behind the wheel of this
beast, and cruise along the Allegheny for a few hours.

Although, we would have been alone.

And we prefer good cruising company, to serenade, with various
selections from one of our many ipod playlists.

Call us someday.

We'll pick you up for a solid sing and ride session.

Now, before we go, we need to show you one more picture
of the 1-seater.

Lucky for you, it features a good bit of man-butt.



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