Friday, August 6, 2010

A Peek Behind The Curtain

This conversation was heard Thursday at 3:07 pm

Squidy: "Hey Newk, what's going on, brother?"

theNewk: "Squidy Squid... what up, man?"

Squidy: "Are you all gonna be posting anything about the 29th Festa Italiana at Mt. St. Pete's this weekend?"

theNewk: "Oh, you know it. We love the Festa Italiana."

Squidy: "I know. I'm thinking of going down there tonight."

theNewk: "Thanks for letting me know, so I can get there before you buy up all the lasagna."

Squidy: "Yeah yeah. I only buy $23 worth of lasagna, so you should be good."

theNewk: "I, as well as the rest of the people going, appreciate your sacrifice."

Squidy: "No problem."

theNewk: "So, what else are you thinking about eating this year?"

Squidy: "You know how I get down. I like it all."

theNewk: "I hear that. So are you gonna play some games, or listen to some live music."

Squidy: "Of course. They have music every night starting at 7pm. And it's free to get in."

theNewk: "There really is a ton of stuff to do there, and the fact that it's free to go, is outstanding."

Squidy: "Can you believe that they even run free shuttles from the Valley parking lot?"

theNewk: "They really do have it all."

Squidy: "Even Chuck-a-luck?"

theNewk: "You know it, Squidy."

Squidy: "Which day will the Newk be going?"

theNewk: "We might just show up Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 5pm-10pm each day. That's how we roll."

Squidy: "Speaking of rolls, I'm like crazy hungry again."

theNewk: "I know you are, Squidy... I know you are."
This is our life.

Stop being jealous.

Don't forget about the Relay for Life at Memorial Park
this very weekend.

Thanks to all the volunteers.


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