Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We Can See The Light

What light?

The light at the end of the Parnassus Triangle
construction tunnel.

Because from what we hear (read), all roadways will
be open for your driving pleasure, by, or after,
September 10th.

That's right.

2+ Years.
8.1 Million Dollars.
Countless Whippings of the Bird.

And you will finally be able to pass someone, while reading
about the latest "special" on Eat N' Park's marquee.

(We can't wait for the Merry Berry Month of May.)

But yeah.

They just poured the concrete on the new bridge over
Little Pucketa Creek, so they claim
the end is nigh.

This construction has been a huge annoyance for
the business and home owners in that area.

As home owners have to listen to constant road work,
and businesses lose money.

But the belief is, that this new stretch of top notch
concrete will revitalize the area, and make it more
attractable to new businesses.

We are all for that.

So here's what we'd like...

As soon as you notice a change down there, snap a picture
with your cell phone, and email it to us here at theNewk.


We will then post it, and you will be totally famous.

Isn't that what you've always wanted?

Take it from us, there is nothing greater than hometown

Okay, maybe there are greater things... whatev.


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