Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Be Careful In Oakmont

Not only do you risk incontinence due to the bumpiest road in 7 counties, there is a bigger reason to avoid the shady streets of Oakmont. 

And when we say shady, we aren't talking about the shadow cast by the majestic oaks that line the streets. 

So back to the danger. 

There are dangerous animals roaming the streets. 

No, not those little jackholes that you almost run over every 11 feet. 

We are talking bigger animals. 

Big and angry animals. 

Rabid animals. 

That's right, raccoons.

 Rabid raccoons. 

The kind mama used to chase off the porch with a broom. 


Hide yo kids, and hide yo wives. 

Rabid raccoons are currently roaming the streets of Oakmont Pa. 

Well, maybe they aren't. 

As they trapped and killed the one they found yesterday. 

But there could be more. 

Swift justice in the land of acorns.


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