Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Butter On Our Poptarts

You know how we do. 

We almost always post super important local information/news around here. 

But every now and again, certain subjects trump all things Newk. 

Today we talk about a trend that is quite popular around theNewk offices as of late. 

It is the act of buttering your toasted Poptart. 

You are likely saying to yourself... 

"Wait, what?!?"

Or the other popular response... 

"There isn't enough fat in there for you already?" 

Or maybe you are thinking what the older people usually say to us... 

"That is disgusting.  Go jump of a cliff, fat-body." 

But we think you shouldn't knock it until you try it. 

And we aren't telling you to smother it with mounds of butter. 

But you should put just enough to lightly coat the entire top surface of the Poptart. 

Especially the outside edges.

We prefer the frosted-top delights, although the plain top ones seem to be more butter friendly in the seedy world of  the underground snack modification crowd.

By no means are we trying to make you believe that this is a viable option for a healthy way to start your day. 

Fact is, it's likely one of the worst suggestions (health wise) that we have ever spoken of. 

We just want to open your eyes to something you may enjoy. 


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