Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Well That Was Fast

Not long ago, we told you about the idea of combining police departments 
from New Ken, Arnold, Lower Burrell and Upper Burrell. 

Read it HERE

From what we understood, the mayor of LB wasn't in a big hurry to get together and 
discuss this topic. 

In fact, he seemed to blow it off. 

But now, he is in a big rush to get together with Mayor Guzzo to talk about 
a decision that he and city council made about one of our streets. 

A street that connects to Lower Burrell, which many residents use as a 
shortcut around Leechburg Rd. in their city. 

We are talking about Virginia Drive (off of Craigdell). 

Seems people are in such a big hurry to get out of New Ken, that they are speeding 
along this road, which has many children living upon it. 

It's very dangerous. 

So council decided to put up a barrier where the street changes cities. 

But they seemed to forget the most important part of any decision
 that New Kensington makes... 

They forgot to consult with Lower Burrell officials first. 

 "How dare they?!?" 

Can you detect our sarcasm yet? 

 Now Mayor Don from LBC wants a sit-down with us. 

He obviously has a laundry list of complaints stemming from their city council meeting,
where residents voiced their displeasure on the subject.

We hope things get worked out. 

As we're sure they will. 

We have full trust in Mayor Guzzo. 

Maybe Burrell residents will promise not to speed through our streets anymore? 

Maybe we here at theNewk will stand patrol, wearing Hi-Vis t-shirts, and those 
cool orange lightsaber things they use on runways? 

Maybe we build a wall like Germany? 

Check back here for the conclusion of this intriguing story. 


GreatwhiteHope said...

I always enjoy it when our elected officials act like 12 year olds. But what else should we expect?

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