Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Monumental Week?

Back in March, we told you about a group that was trying to have the ten commandments monument outside of Valley High removed. 

Refresh your memory HERE, and HERE

Well, they are back at it. 

At the end of August, they again requested the monument be removed. 

And this time they have the backing of some local parents. 

We aren't sure if the board will plan on fighting this to the end. 

As it could end up costing lots of money. 

If they end up losing this battle, they will owe their legal fees, and could likely owe the plaintiff's fees as well. 

That's some serious scratch. 

The same group, Freedom From Religion Foundation, also requested that Connellsville High remove a similar monument. 

Conellsville officials covered theirs last week, and say they plan to remove it. 

Even though over 150 people showed up against their decision. 

And vandals have removed the covering a few times since. 

In the midst of the heated political season, we now have religious stuff. 

We can feel the heat from here. 


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