Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Come And Get It

Two of our favorite things are food and emails. 

Yesterday, we got both in one! 


Here is a picture. 

If it doesn't explain everything, we promise to give a brief overview in a bit. 

Click on it, to make it bigger. 

(That's what he said.) 

So yeah. 

There is a spaghetti dinner this Saturday, from 1pm to 8pm. 

It's just 7 bucks a person, and there will be cool stuff to do, other than just eat delicious vittles. 

Please stop by. 

Events like this help our volunteer firepeople raise funds. 

So go eat. 

But not too much.  

These people aren't made of sausages and meatballs. 

(That's what she said.)


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