Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dam Lucky

A 55 year old woman was walking near the Braeburn dam this past Monday, when she somehow took a fall to the bottom of the steep rock wall down near the powerful rapids. 

Many of you will know the slope we are talking about. 

We spent many a summer down there, fishing and doing teenage things. 

It's safe to say that we had many a close call while scaling that terrain. 

So when we heard of a woman falling down there, we were worried, but not really surprised. 

How the events transpired: 

A worker was taking a cruise by the river on the way to his next job. 

Translation: He was taking an unscheduled break. 

We aren't judging, as we may have done similar things in the past. 

He noticed a woman down near the water. 

He yelled down, asking if she was okay. 

She shook her head, so he sprang into action. 

He grabbed the first aid kit in his work vehicle, and flew down to attend to her until rescue crews could get there. 

The woman was in bad shape, with head injuries, bruises and likely a broken leg. 

The rescue crew got her out of there, and took her to a nearby hospital. 

We would like to give a shout out to the man who saw the woman. 

Well done, Mark Bellini. 

We'll for sure buy you a beer if we ever see you out.


gjj said...

mark, good job, jeannie from 1974, across the ri ver

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