Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Local Author To Donate To Animal Shelter

Hello my favorite bloggers.  I've decided to start my dream path regarding my children's book & those (books) to follow.  I'm pushing (not sure why I didn't start this in September, but) to donate $500 - $1000 dollars through book sales from Food Left For Ginny to a local animal shelter.  That shelter will be (1st) Animal Friends in Pittsburgh.  I'm hoping you can help me by getting the word out to your followers to purchase the book.  Here's the bottom line: I'm not making a lot of money on my books because it's my first.  I make $1.88 per book & with every sale I'll give the shelter one dollar.  I believe this can be accomplished 1st through word of mouth, 2 through faith, and 3 that it's a great cause.  The local animal shelters would love to have this money.  A typical spay or neuter costs $45-$200!  I would love to give this shelter this gift.  I believe their passion is noted through the fact that they're a no kill shelter.  I have a passion for dogs and it began at a young age & now continues through the fact that Guiness (Ginny in the book) was such a loyal dog to our son & now this is how I can repay him.

Any help you can give me/us is more than appreciated.

Feel free to call me 724-980-5087 & use the links below to see where the book can be ordered.

Thanks so much in advance,

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