Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Still Closed. Always Relevant.

Sure, we may not be around all that much these days. 

But that doesn't mean people aren't still watching us. 

Last Monday, we gave you a hint to the following day's story. 

Tuesday, we hit you with the news that the Memorial Park bridge was being removed/replaced. 

We told you to go say your goodbyes. 

Fast forward 2 days later to Thursday, and you could read about it in the local paper. 

Lucky for you, being one of our valued readers (or 1300+ facebook fans), you were given time to pay your final respects, thanks to us. 

For free. 

And now, the bridge has been fully removed, and all ways in to the park are closed. 

Actually, that last statement is not fully true. 

Fact is, the walking bridge near the playground is still fully functional. 

Unfortunately for everyone, the nearest parking spot would be in the Terrace. 

And we all know that the only parking spots up there are for handicap vehicles, or occupied by a folding chair. 

So good luck with that. 

Maybe the VND can do a story on that? 

How about it? 

We know you're reading this. 


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