Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Best Lights In The City

Last New Years Eve, we wrote a piece about new street lights
coming to the downtown section of New Kensington.

Read about it HERE.

We were happy to hear this news.

It was the promise of a brighter day.

Er, brighter night.

Now, we kinda forgot about them, until we drove through town
the other night.

Now, before we show you the pictures we snapped with our phone,
we must warn you...

These are not David Cooper quality.

So please refrain from judging us.

Thank you.

It was snowing, and our wipers suck.

Cut us a break.

5 and 9

We kinda dig this one.

All kinds of lights in this one.

And just in case you forgot, here is a picture of the old lights.


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