Friday, December 10, 2010

Parade Pictures (Day 4, 2010)

Before we show you another batch of amazing pictures,
we have a few people we need to thank.

1. David "DC" Cooper

He came out in the cold, and took some of the greatest pictures
ever shot at the New Kensington Christmas Parade.

He is our main man.

2. Gatto's Cycle Shop

George hooked us up with a couple golf carts that we cruised
that morning.

He also provided the trailer that our friends in girl scout
troop 20134 used for their Hawaiian Christmas float.

Thanks Gatto's!

3. Steve
(website has yet to have been published)

Steve picked up our golf carts, and is the unsung hero
of the day.

You rock, Steve.

4. Our Elf, and the elf's helpers.
(website has yet to have been published)

We couldn't have done anything without you all.

Party on.

Here are more pictures...


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