Friday, December 31, 2010

It's Hard, To Say Goodbye, To 2010

Hey there friends.

Happy Newk Year!

We won't be posting an old story today, as there is a much
more important post that needs to be made.

We've told you a little about this past year for us.

It was challenging.
It was refreshing.
It was a roller coaster ride of emotion.
It flew right by.

We made wonderful new friends.
Ate fabulous new things.
Visited amazing new places.

We will be a little sad to see this year go.

But we look forward, with bright and hopeful eyes, that the
year 2011 will be then best of all our lives.

One thing we know about 2011, we are gonna ring it
in the right way.

By dancing like mo-fo's.

That's right.

We love to dance the night away.

Our moves have been known to make panties drop right off
the ladies.

If you haven't heard this, well... now you know.

If you have a party, and need some dancing fools, just send
us an email and we'll see you there.

We know that not all of you can dance like a Soul Train champion.

So our Newk Years gift to you, is the following video.

It's a scorcher, so prepare yourselves.

It features a young James Brown.

And before you watch it, and say...
"Hey, that's not JB. It's an Imposter!"

Pay close attention, cause it's him.

We don't play around when it comes to the Godfather Of Soul.

Now take this year by the gonads.

And dance like the wind!

Oh, and please be safe.

Drinking and driving sucks for everyone.


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