Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shootin They Faces Off

We aren't sure what it is about video games that make people
decide to email us, but we're cool with it.

Some folks told us to grow up.
Some wanted to play along side of us.
Some were just trying to get a booty call.

But no matter what they said, none of it compared to the
masterwork we received our good buddy, Frank the Stank.

Get your popcorn ready...

What up newk dudes. this your boy frank the stank. You know
i was out monday nite makin sure i gots my hands on a fresh copy
of mw3. and its poppin off right now in my xbox. i dont even no why
i took a minute away from it to write thiis but you gota get it. you
said you rock the ps3 which is pimp. cause my moms is tired of
me askin for 50 clips every 6 months to pay for xbox live. but whatev
cause that be why she work nights at eat n park. so her son can have the finer
things in life. go get this game.
Alright yo. im gonna go back to shootin they faces off.
your boy- frank the stank

Fact is, Frank, we got the game.

And we are also shootin faces off.


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