Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Love Ya, Tomorrow...

You're only a day away...

We aren't big fans of Annie, but damn it, we love Thanksgiving.

And tomorrow is the big day.

We considered talking about the 007-style oil spill on the turnpike.

We also thought about how tonight is the biggest party night (with
people you didn't talk to in high school) of the year.

And that bars like Gunny's, Joe's Place and many others will be
packed with old friends, and various letterman jackets.

But this night is bigger than all of us.

It's about family time.
It's about reflecting on stuff that makes life worth living.
It's about drunk aunts, and pervy uncles.
It's about annoying cousins.
It's about watching your grandfather make a dead turkey
do a "turkey-fly" around the house until it's time to cook that SOB.
It's about sales at department stores.
But most of all, it's about gravy.

Glorious gravy.

It's the nectar of the gods.

Thanksgiving just wouldn't be the same without it.

Well, maybe it would?

It would just be a lot dryer, and much less flavorful.


And here's a little note from the Mayor's Office...

Garbage pickup for Friday, November 25, 2011, will be ONE DAY LATE in the City of New Kensington due to the Thanksgiving Day Holiday. Garbage will be picked up on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2011. Also there will be NO RECYCLING for residents whose recycling is picked up on Thurday or Friday for this week only.

If you don't stop by here tomorrow to see us, have a great


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