Friday, November 18, 2011

You're Still Away

A while back, Brackenridge Heights Country Club
was foreclosed on by the bank for delinquent payments and
taxes, nearing 1 million dollars.

It has been for sale ever since.

People wanted to buy it and turn it into a housing plan.

Just what we need... another cookie-cutter housing plan.

But those deals all fell through.

And out of nowhere, comes a knight in shining armor.

Okay, maybe not a knight, but he likely has some armor at
his scrap metal business.

Ted Tomson, owner of Tomson Scrap Metal,
likely paid cash for the place.

Cause that dude is crazy loaded.

He says he plans on opening up the 9 hole course for public play.

He is not sure what else he's gonna do with the place.

But we have some ideas:

- Strip Club

Okay, we only had one idea.

But damn if it wasn't an awesome one.

Am I right?


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