Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Three Amigos

Three short years ago, we decided to take the extra time we had, and
use it in a way that might shine a brighter light on our
fair town.

We got a domain name.
A free blog site.
Some +2 corrective glasses from the Dollar Store.
A thirty-pack of PBR Light.
And a free internet signal from our unsuspecting neighbor.

And here is the gem we first posted:

Welcome to theNEWK!

This is your one stop interweb place for all things concerning the New Kensington, Pa. and surrounding areas.

We will have everything from restaurant reviews to local events and personalities.

Check back daily and don't forget to tell your friends.

Amazing and intriguing stuff, eh?

We've seen a lot.
We've learned a lot.
We've met some of the most amazing people, that we likely wouldn't
have had the chance to meet, without this site.

Every time we lack the energy/motivation to make one of our daily
posts, we think of all of the amazing emails we've read over these
few years.

The town made us start this site.
We continue it because of the readers.

We tried to come up with something awesome to do around here.

But we said...

"Screw it, we're going to Vegas."

Wish us luck.


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