Friday, April 6, 2012

We're Clean

In 2009, schools in Pa had their students take the
Pennsylvania System of School Assessment Test.

And within the last year, a group of schools were flagged
for possibly cheating on these tests.

Our district was one of these schools.

It was the last thing we need.

Because we all know, that just accusing New Ken/Arnold of
cheating has all the surrounding districts saying things like...

"It figures..."
"We're sure it's true..."
"Buncha hoodlums over there..."

They don't have to admit it.

We know what's up.

It turns out, we have been cleared of all charges.

The fact that it only gets a little snippet in the paper, compared
to the full page article when the accusations were made, doesn't
bother us all that much.


It bothers us a whole bunch.

We demand justice!

Like the Hurricane.


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