Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's A Good Day For A Rant

The wife and I had dinner in Verona last evening.

Which means two things...

One: I ate more food than I should have.
Two: We had to drive through Oakmont.

The fact that I pigged out, isn't too awful.

But driving through Oakmont...

Good grief.

It's nice to see that they finally got a traffic light.

But if you don't stop at a stop sign, every 10 seconds,
you must be driving through the cemetery.


That town has to have half a million dollars invested
in stop signs.

And don't get us started on the brick roads.

No wonder they claim they "last so long," it's probably
because people do anything possible to avoid driving
on the damn things.

Honestly, even if you didn't have to take a dump when
you started driving on the bricks, just give it about 1 block and
something will surely be shaken loose.

They even had the balls to place a speed bump
on one of them.

I now know what it must have felt like to drive
dune buggy contraption on the moon.

I'm sure Oakmont thinks those streets bring "class" to
their town.

Pretentious is, as pretentious does.


Another thing that's been bothering us lately.

How annoying have the Black Eyed Peas gotten?
(Not that we were ever big fans to begin with.)

Can you think of a more "sell-out" group of entertainers?

And why are there 4 of them, when only two of them
actually sing?

Am I right?

The next time that Chavez looking guy's mic gets turned
on, it will be the first time.

Okay, we feel much better now.


J-Dub Vegas Update:

On top of the Stratosphere...

J-Dub doesn't fear the volcano at the Mirage...

Outside of Ceasar's, which is "pager friendly."
("Not at the table, Carlos.")

J-Dub had no problems finishing his Carnegie Deli sammy...

He then kicked it in old Vegas for the rest of the night...

Tomorrow is his last day in Vegas.

You don't want to miss it.


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