Thursday, February 25, 2010

Upper Burrell Is Da Bomb

This is really some crazy stuff we are about to
tell you about.

(Is it weird that we used the word 'about' twice in
one sentence?)

There are reports coming out of Upper Burrell, that
someone has placed some sort of bombing device into
two different mailboxes in the UB.

Those mailboxes were then blown to pieces.

Luckily, nobody has been injured.

One of the mailboxes was made of brickwork, and the
owners found chunks of the brick as far as
70 feet away from the blast location.

(We can't help but want to make a fart joke, when we
type the word 'blast' in a sentence.)

So they figure they're not just dealing with M-80's.

This really is some serious stuff.

Hitting a mailbox with a baseball bat is one thing.

Placing a homemade pipe bomb in one is crazy.

If any of you hooligans reading this is the culprit...
Please stop.

There really has to be a better hobby for you.

If someone out there knows anything about this, please
call the Upper Burrell PD:


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