Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Rest For The Wicked

We are starting to get a little P-O'd.


What's the deal with this weather?

It's causing automobile accidents.
It's making roofs collapse.
It's freezing in our gutters, and creating icicles the
size of an elephant's wang.
It's making our back sore just thinking about it.

We are at the end of our rope.

Does anyone wanna tell us how many days of school
have been canceled so far?

Speaking of the word "canceled," why is it that you can
also spell it with 2 L's?

We do our share of fact checking around here, and we
were unable to find a difference between the two.

We are still up in the air as to which spelling we will
use from here on out at theNewk.

Once we figure it out, we'll do a press conference or
something snazzy like that.

In the mean time, leave a comment with your preferred
spelling, and a short reason why you like it.

Go ahead...sell us on a spelling.

We dare you.

Back to the snow.

We can't even imagine what it will look like around here
once all this crap melts.

Are we talking about a massive flood when it happens?

We'll tell you this much...

Our pooper-scooper will be working overtime, as each new
pile our pup provides us, keeps getting snowed over and
magically disappears.

One day (hopefully soon) our yard will go from
white to brown.


Anonymous said...

Two "L's" Just looks better to me...Dont think younz are the only ones suffering...I live in Florida, Via Lower Burrell,and havent been warm since mid December. Albeit, we have no snow, but the temps have been out of control.
As far as the "BEST" Fish Sandwich, The one I remember was at the Drop Inn, bar none. It hung off the sides of the bun with melted cheese and I think I remember pickles (It has been 25 years) and definetly Tarter Sauce!!!
Dont get me started on Pierogies!!!

Your Friend In Florida, KevinP

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