Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Like A Troubled Bridge Over Water

Maybe spring isn't that far off after all.

Because we just found out about some construction
type things happening on the Tarentum Bridge.

It seems like they need to clean out some gutters
or something.

(If they are anything like the gutters on our house, they
are filled with enough ice to sink the Titanic.)

Seriously...is there any woman hotter than Kate Winslet?

Okay, enough of getting sidetracked by hotness.

So yeah, weekdays from now through March, will be
filled with single lane closures on the TB.

PennDOT said:
"The goal is to prolong the life of the bridge."
And when they said that, here's what we heard:
"The goal is to annoy the snot of out you."
They also talked about why gutters/troughs are needed
on a bridge.

And how they route water to where you want them.

They also told us that mouths are for eating food, and
hands are for holding things.

It seems PennDOT thinks of us as the third guy on the
evolution of man chart.

Instead of talking down to us, go ahead and show us
how to fill in a pothole.


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