Friday, November 5, 2010

Blah Blah Friday

We have nothing specific to talk about.

So we'll just blah blah blah.

First off, J-Dub did a little bit of Halloween partying
this past Saturday.

Unfortunately, the only pictures of him are with friends
of ours, and we wouldn't want to give any leads to
our long list of stalkers, looking to find out our identities.

Maybe the friends won't mind if we blur their faces?

We shall see.


We could talk about the Tarentum Elks getting robbed
last evening.

It was a main story on the news last night, as the SWAT
team got called, cause they thought the perps were still in there.

We totally love saying the word 'perps.'


We considered talking about the coming snowfall.

F that.


We then thought about posting a random catchy tune type
video from youtube, but voted against it.

Then I, the almighty Newk creator, said...

"Let there be videos and music on this Friday."

So here you go.

Of course, they made a remix.

Let's kick it...


Have a good weekend, Newkers.


Anonymous said...

Have a GREAT Weekend NewK!!!!

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