Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We Aren't Happy

We found out some disturbing news yesterday.

We were told about an arsonist that has been attempting
to burn down the bathrooms, and other buildings at one
of theNewk's pride and joys.

Memorial Park.

The limited info we have to this breaking story, is that
after a few tries, some jackass finally got it right and
burned the bathrooms to the ground.

They even managed to recently burn down a porta-john
down there.

What kind of jagoff does this on his own turf?

Maybe they are from somewhere else, but we doubt it.

We take this personally.

That is our park.

We won't stand for this.

If you have any info at all, please email us here, and
we will get it to the proper people.

You will be totally anonymous, as we will send the info

You have our word.

And it's as strong as a Memorial Park oak tree.

Now, we aren't calling for vigilante justice (yet).

So please take the proper steps in stopping these a-holes.


On another note, it's election day.

We were approached by a campaign or 3 about backing them.

But we don't roll like that.

We will tell you to go vote.

It's your right.
It's your duty.
It's your government.

We're mainly happy that we won't be getting 5 pieces of
junkmail in our mail slot each day.

Hip hip...


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