Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kettle Up

It's that time of year people.

The time of year when we all smile a little easier.
The time of year we are a little quicker to lend a helping hand.
The time of year to take care of one another.

Here is your chance.

The New Kensington Salvation Army is looking for groups to
man our Red Kettles.

The groups can be from churches, clubs, boys or girls scouts
or even just a group of friends and families.

People who have stood kettles for us in the past
have always commented on how fun and meaningful it
was to ring the bells at one of our kettles.

The money raised at the kettles not only helps up help
those in need at Christmas time but year round.

If interested please give us a call at 724-335-7221.

We here at theNewk are going to try and help as much
as we can this holiday season.

And we'd like to think that some of you may also partake
in this annual tradition.

When we figure out where and when we will be, we'll be sure
to tell you all, so you can come make our kettle filled with ching.

Don't hesitate to call that number.

People need our help.


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