Friday, November 19, 2010

Bottle O' Red, Bottle O' White

If you had to pick a place to put the first self-serve
wine kiosk in the valley, where would you choose?

If you the theNewk offices, you are correct.

Seriously though, you'd put it in the New Ken Giant Eagle.


And that's exactly what the PLCB did.

They put it right by the main entrance, and prices range
from $5.99 to $39.99 (which means they doubtfully
have and Mad Dog 20/20).

You make your selections.
You put your ID in.
Some person in a tiny office in Harrisburg looks at your
ID, and matches it to one of 2 live camera images of you.
If the Great Oz believes its you, you then put your
payment card in.
You then have to blow into a zero tolerance breathalyzer.
If you got booze on the breath, you get no vino.
If everything checks out, you get the goods.


Fox Chapel is in line to get the next one.

In all, 14 Giant Eagles should have them by Christmas.

There is no excuse, why you don't buy us a bottle or 2
for the holidays this year.


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