Friday, October 28, 2011

Be On The Lookout

Here are some traits that zombies have.

This list may just save your life this weekend.

- Zombies crave human flesh.
- When the body dies, it only takes a couple hours to become
a zombie.
- A zombie has no instinct for self survival.
- Zombies have no association with other zombies, yet seem to
be found in groups and packs.
- Zombies generally aren't abnormally strong, but they've been
known to rip a human apart.
- Zombies have no memories of their former self.
- Zombies eat humans, but don't appear to need food to survive.
- Zombies can tell the difference between live and dead flesh.
(It is unknown whether it is the sight, or smell of it.)
- Zombies will not attack each other, even over food.
- Zombies move slow, but never get tired. Which is why they
catch people, cause they never, ever, quit.
- When zombies aren't eating, they wander in search of flesh.

Just some helpful tips from your friends at theNewk!

Be safe.


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