Friday, October 14, 2011

Buy You A Drank

It's not often that we promote stuff that we are kinda
involved in.

To be honest, we are generally too lazy to actually get
involved in anything, so this is a pretty big occasion.

A friend of ours, let us call him Patrick, is guest bartending
at Stella's Restaurant near Eat N' Park tomorrow (Saturday).

He is having DJ Frankie rock some tunes, and is doing trivia, and
name that tune, and all kinds of other fun stuff.

Including prizes.

That's right, we said prizes, people.

But the best part about this event isn't the fact that we will likely
be in attendance...

Its the fact that he's donating proceeds (tips) to a couple different
Autism Foundations.

He really wasn't promoting this, as we would have said something sooner.

He wasn't sure if the charities would have an issue
being associated
with an alcohol fueled event.

But after talking to many folks about it, he figured he'd say something in
hopes it may bring in one or two more customers.

Anyways, here are the deets...

Guest bartender hours are from 7pm to close.
Special drink prices 7-9.
Dj Frankie starting at 9ish.
Games and events throughout the night.
Prizes all night.
Food may even be involved.

Stella's Restaurant
400 Freeport St.

Patrick may be a little on the raunchy side, so if you go, be prepared
to hear/witness a few blue comments.

In the end, you'll end up loving him like a brother.

We promise.


Special note:

With the tragedy of Patrolman Kotecki, DJ Frankie will be coordinating
some donation efforts in his name and for his family.

This is what this area needs.

More good events, done by good people.

Please support if you can.


harleygurl428 said...

Very nice! Exactly what our community needs!

Seeds of Doom said...

I've been told that the obvious usually escapes me, but in this case, I think I'm TOTALLY ON IT!! Looks like you're setting yourself up for an introductory confrontation!! So, it's on YOU to figure out who I am!! See you tomorrow evening!!

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