Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Makin' That Paper

TheNewk's finest have agreed on a new contract.

Yup, New Kensington police will get a 3% this year, and next.

We like to see people getting paid what they deserve.

Sadly, our last run in with a Newk officer left a little to be desired.

Read about it here...


We understand they have a really tough gig.

Dealing with many of the locals that we know (and likely hang with),
can't be an easy job.

It also bothers us that we are allowing this one incident to cloud our
opinion of an entire group of folks.

But, he deserves it.


The starting salary of a new patrolman will jump from $41,100 now,
to $43, 600 by the end of the contract.

Not bad.

A full officer: $62,300 from 58,800.

And the big dogs will earn $65,500 (up from $61,800 last year.)

Some other changes are 2 sick days a month, rather than 2 1/2.

Also, officers can buy family health coverage at full cost to them.

By the sounds of things, both sides are really happy with how the
negotiations went.

There wasn't even a need for labor attorneys.

Which saved the city a pretty penny for sure.


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