Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We Asked, You Responded

Yesterday, we asked you to write to us with any comments and
stuff that may have been on your mind about us.

Here are some of the questions (and our answers) we got...

Email being the most popular option.

Is there any chance you all can give a shout out to my nan-nan? She
reads your site every day.

Thanks, R

What up, Nan? Thanks for reading, Boo.


Dear NewK...
I want to know why I can't post comments in the comment section. I used to be able to and now I can't. Did you not ever wonder why you have no comments here? (except for top ten reader Ed's who must have some secret priviledges unbeknownst to us peons) I think you need to talk to the royal blog master and find out what the heck the deal is. I know it's not my google account and just for sh**s and grins I used other choices...oh wait there are no other choices. So that's my complaint...put that in your mcbutterpants and try and solve it. Top ten reader Ed's wife, Lucy

Two minutes after we read your email, we posted to the
comments section of the site. We will send google a message or something.


You guys suck. I hate your face. Go suck on a fart.


Mom, is that you?


So there you have it.

Your voice was heard.

Or was it?


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