Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beer Here

Over the last bunch of months, you have been hearing
about Giant Eagle in New Ken being allowed to
sell beer at it's cafe.

Well, it seems that dream has become a reality.

The Pa. LCB has approved the transfer of a liquor

They will be allowed to sell 6-packs of beer.

And from what we understand, they sell over 150
different styles of beer at their other stores which are
currently allowed to sell it.

We have some friends that have been to the GE in Robinson,
and they are quite impressed with the selection.

It sucks for the local beer distributor, as we feel its
unfair that they aren't allowed to sell sixers.

But who is actually surprised, with how backwards
Pennsylvania is with it's liquor laws?

We aren't.

We are gonna wrap this up, as what we felt when we
wrote THIS, still rings true today.

J-Dub Vegas Update:

Here is our man, just chillin' outside the Paris Hotel
and Casino...

Getting ready to get his "gamble on"...

Video poker and drinks, that's how J-Dub rolls...
He makes friends wherever he goes...
It was a long first night in Sin City...

Where will he be tomorrow?

Stop back and see.


Chris said...

Very clever and cute! Looking forward to tomorrow's travel news.

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