Thursday, April 7, 2011

Droppin' Off Some Timber

This past November, some jagoff pieces of trash burned
the bathrooms at Memorial Park to the ground.

Who knows what type of satisfaction someone receives from
destroying something as noble as a public toilet, but whatev.

They did it, and as a community, we must move forward.

And by moving forward, we are talking about building some
new dumpers.

And that's exactly what is going to happen.

And they want to make it happen by Memorial Day.

That's perfect timing, cause we've been drinking a bit, and
are gonna have to drop a wicked whiz by then.

Nice thing is, these new restrooms will be more environmentally
friendly, and handicap accessible.

As of right now, they got some porta-johns set up for the people
using the park these days.

Which will do in a pinch.

But we like to stretch out a little and get comfy when we pinch.

Especially when there's nice natural light coming from frosted
glass upper walls.

The women's side will feature 4 toilets, and the gents will
get 2 crappers and 2 urinals.

Both sides will feature baby changing tables.

Now don't worry about your taxes fronting the costs...

as insurance will be covering it.

Just talking about going to the bathroom is making us feel like
we have a bat in the cave.

It's time to wrap this up.


Lucy said... told me some things I didn't even know I feel like I gotta "get a load off my mind"...thanks for the update!

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